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Utah Patent Attorney


     Whether your invention is a machine, a compound, software, or a method, our Utah patent attorney can help you prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications in the United States and PCT member countries

Sample Patent DrawingWe prepare and file mechanical, electrical and software patents, as well as design, provisional, and PCT patent applications.  Our offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah and Virginia, but we can help clients no matter where in the world they may work or be located.  We also handle litigation matters, including patent and trademark infringement matters, regularly assisting out of state clients who have been sued in Utah.  Please call today for a free consultation

We work with a variety of other Utah patent attorneys and agents with expertise in most of the major technical arts, including electrical, chemical, and biotech.  These patent attorneys can be, and often, are independently engaged to assist us in patent matters as needed on a case-by-case basis.


IP Professionals

Steven Rinehart, Esq - Utah patent attorney fousing on software and mechanical patents and IP litigation.
T. Miller - Registered patent attorney and former partner at Jones Day.  Has represented some of the world's leading technology companies.
D. Butzer - Registered patent attorney handling preparation and litigation matter.
K. Peharda - Harvard-educated corporate and securities attorneys handling IPOs.
M. Halla - Attorney handling IP litigation matter's the Eastern District of Texas.
J. Berg - Ronald Hilton is licensed patent agent with a master's in electrical engineering and a bachelor's degree 


Recent Matters

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